Dennis Bergkamp - Orange note

The Global Note · 2023 · 25.000 made

Dennis Bergkamp - Orange note

About this note

Dennis Bergkamp is a global legend who has inspired and delighted millions of football fans. This banknote is a celebration of his legacy and a lasting reminder of his contribution to sporting history. This 'Orange' Dennis Bergkamp banknote is a limited edition of 25,000 and was also unveiled at the Masters Expo 2023 in Amsterdam. You can now add the 'Orange' Dennis Bergkamp banknote to your collection, alongside its physical twin. Safely discover, collect, share, and trade with others on our secure platform. Have a great time collecting on

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Welcome to the world of exclusively printing and valuable banknotes - where collectibles come together with advanced augmented reality, blockchain and NFTs, seamlessly merging the physical and digital worlds. Our expertise extends to connecting these unique banknotes with the immersive new online world. As a pioneer in printing super secure licensed banknotes, we develop customised marketing strategies with our extensive global network of major partners, artists, athletes, entertainers, retailers and distributors. This pioneering initiative not only creates a new attractive revenue stream for all parties involved, but also turns banknotes into a rare and valuable collector's item and honours the most influential individuals, who have left an indelible mark on global society. In essence, we present unique artwork made for extraordinary people with a unique and secure bridge to a whole new digital universe.

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IssuerThe Global NoteThemeSport legendsNameDennis Bergkamp - Orange noteNote number8Note colorOrangeTotal issued25.000Royalties2,5%Release date