About us

Well hello there. And nice to meet you!

We are experts in collectibles, software and Web3 development, working on the future, today. We believe in bridging traditional collecting of valuable real world collectibles to the new and exciting world of phygitals, blockchain, NFTs and beyond!


We are a collaboration between PROxID, Concordium and Royal Joh. Enschedé, all with our own expert skills. Our physical collectibles such as crypto stamps and the banknotes are each unique little pieces of digital art, thanks to the design and printing of Royal Joh. Enschedé.

PROxID's top notch technology and know-how takes care of everything around the buying, scanning, collecting, minting and trading of the tokens (NFTs), supported by the super-secure Concordium blockchain with ID framework technology and the Polygon blockchain.

The beginning

We began our journey in late 2021, pioneering the fusion of valuable physical collectibles into NFTs. From that, we created the concept of 'phygitals', digital twins of physical objects. On our platform, you can create, collect and trade these digital twins as tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain.

As a collector, you can learn how to digitise and manage your collecting hobby and connect with other collectors worldwide in a safe environment with us. If you are already tech-savvy, you will definitely admire the stunning features as a valuable addition to your collecting hobby!


Collaboration is one of Ciphers.me's core values. From the beginning we have been working closely with all our partners to explore, invent and realise new opportunities driven by shared interests and ambitions.

Together, we make the digital world more secure, reliable, fun and connected!

Our future

By combining our digital savvy with the skills of all our partners, we have created a one-stop solution. This opens up exciting new opportunities for us and our customers for valuable collectibles worldwide.

We are going to enrich traditional collecting to celebrate the cool and exciting new world of phygitals and continue to amaze collectors worldwide

So, welcome to Ciphers.me!
Let’s craft something beautiful together.

Contacting Ciphers.me
For questions and other matters please contact us at the following address: contact@ciphers.me