Start collecting

To start collecting, create a free account on, and then either scan the QR code or manually enter the PublicID of the stamp or collectible you want to add to your personal online collection. Once claimed, you can mint it into an NFT and begin your journey into the world of digital collecting. Why, you ask?

Beautiful designs to discover

Collecting digital collectibles e.g. stamps and banknotes offers a delightful blend of artistry and opportunity. Crafted with elegance, these digital collectibles are not just aesthetic treasures; they provide an exciting avenue to discover for collectors.

Unique ownership

Every collectible is unique in the sense that they exist unmutable as NFT on the blockchain, ensuring your distinct ownership. It's more than collecting; it's establishing a special connection with these digital works of art and with other collectors that join this hobby.

Participation in the digital revolution

Moreover, collecting crypto stamps and banknotes places you at the forefront of the digital Web3 revolution. It's a way to actively participate in this evolving landscape and influence its direction. You as a collector, are taking digital collecting one step into the future.

Joining the global market

Joining the global market adds a sense of community to collecting. Minting your collectibles opens doors to worldwide trading, connecting you with enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.

Potential for profit

While profits are not guaranteed, the value of some NFTs has increased over time, just like traditional art. It is a unique opportunity to invest and potentially see your collection increase in value over time.

In essence

collecting digital collectibles offers a balance of appreciation for beautiful designs, the joy of unique ownership, participation in the digital revolution, global connections, and the potential for financial gain.

We invite you to step into the world where collecting and technology have merged seamlessly