Taking collecting into the future.

Collecting valuable collectibles on Ciphers.me merges the physical and digital worlds of collecting into phygitals using blockchain technology.

How to start collecting on Ciphers.me

Collecting on Ciphers.me consists out of two parts:

  1. On one side you have the physical real-world asset e.g. a crypto stamp booklet or physical banknote.
  2. The second part is the 'digital twin'. On Ciphers.me, you can claim this digital twin and add it to your collection, and there it can also be 'minted'. This 'Minting' turns the digital twin into a token (NFT) on the blockchain..

Collectors can enjoy their traditional collecting hobby online, with the opportunity to trade this digital collectible and become part of the exciting world of NFTs. We make this process as easy as possible on a safe and trusted platform.

In other words

  • The physical stamp is accompanied by a digital representation, the digital image with unique characteristics.
  • This digital image and the characteristics are both registered as an NFT on a blockchain, which guarantees authenticity and ownership.
  • Collectors can purchase, sell, or trade these digital collectibles on various online platforms that support blockchain-based collectibles.
  • The ownership transfer is recorded on the blockchain ledger, which is an online digital record book where the ownership and authenticity data is stored at multiple different locations which guarantees it is there to stay.

More information about blockchain technology

Think of a blockchain as a large library of authenticity and ownership data stored in different locations for security reasons. The data on the blockchain is also distributed across multiple computers.

This decentralisation increases security, transparency and immutability of the data.

Blockchain is also the underlying technology behind well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as NFTs such as our Crypto stamps, notes and other valuable collectibles.